Motion for Additional Discovery | Preliminary Identification of Drugs

Drug Identification Chart
Drug Identification Chart

Motion for Added Discovery | Preliminary Identification of Drugs

Field Drug Testing Field identification of narcotics requires three methods. Initially, the officer should inspect the substance and make a preliminary identification primarily based on his instruction and encounter. For instance a white powder could be regarded as to be cocaine or possibly heroin, a green leafy substance with a pungent odor could be deemed marijuana or […]
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Smuggling Dope by Drone

Drone smuggled drugs into prison
Dope Dropping Drone Begins Prison Riot
Yesterday, I showed this special report to an additional criminal lawyer who is a close pal of mine. I do not actually appreciate the repugnance about “drones.” These have a tendency to be just the rural take care of aircraft that I tinkered with whilst i was a child, albeit, a compact tad far much more advanced. This subsequent post was written by Randy Ludlow and published by the Columbus Vessel on September your five, 2015.

Dope Sacrificing Drone Triggers Jailhouse Riot

What ever the drone dropped as it buzzed the prison recreation yard, some inmates figured it was worth a fight.. The drone deposited a package containing enough tobacco for seven packs of smokes, adequate marijuana for about 70 joints and a dollop of heroin that could yield much more than 100 doses at Mansfield Correctional Institution. While the airborne delivery sparked a brawl as inmates tussled far more than the package, it didn’t at some point attain its intended target. Corrections officers found it hidden in a rec-yard gear space. The high-tech flyby at a week ago Wednesday represents a tougher-to-fight implies of smuggling contraband to these held behind the walls of state prisons. While prison officials have continually been vigilant for guests, staff and mail transporting illicit materials into prisons, drones are a diverse, right right here-and-gone beast in which a remote-handle conspirator remains hidden………………..for the comprehensive report, please click on Drone drops drugs, tobacco in Mansfield prison yard, spurs fight